A Woman Is So Upset T-Mobile Won’t Replace Her Cracked iPhone That She Drives Her Car Through the Store

Unless you slap a screen protector on your iPhone like two seconds after you buy it, you’re GOING to drop it and you’re probably going to crack the screen. And different people will handle that terrible feeling in different ways . . .

A 26-year-old woman named Shinobia Wright from Wellington, Florida cracked her iPhone last week, so she went to the T-Mobile store to try to get them to replace it.

They wouldn’t do it, so she told them it was her birthday and she had insurance. It’s not clear if EITHER of those two things were true, but the staff still wouldn’t give her a new iPhone.

So the next day . . . she drove her SUV right through the store.

She plowed through the front door and hit a display case. Then she got out and started smashing glass with a squeegee.

One employee had to go to the hospital with a knee injury, and Shinobia was charged with aggravated battery, burglary, criminal mischief, and reckless driving.

She told the cops she did it because she was having a bad day.